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Baked Cheesy Mushrooms


One of our favourite dishes to show off the flavour of our dressings. Our Dijon & Black Pepper Dressing is so versatile and full of the black pepper flavour that you love in our rapeseed oil with Black Pepper. This is a super simple dish that we serve as a side dish, starter, or a weekend brunch treat!


Dijon and Black Pepper Dressing

Portobello Mushrooms, as many as required

Mozzarella Cheese



Lay your mushrooms bottom up on a baking tray.

Drizzle over a little Dijon and Black Pepper Dressing and leave for 10 mins for them to absorb.

Top with generous amounts of Mozzarella and bake until cooked through.

Great as a side or starter.

You can alter the cheeses for anything you fancy. Wensleydale is particularly good. For a sweeter option use our Sweet Cranberry Dressing with Goats Cheese in place of the Black Pepper and Mozzarella options.

Suitable for vegetarians.

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