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Griddled Courgettes

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Every Summer we get a glut of courgettes from the veg patch and we tend to griddle them as a side dish to every meal! We've tried all our dressings with them and our favourite is our Mint & Balsamic Dressing, but this easy veggie recipe works equally well with the Fennel Seed Dressing or Dijon & Black Pepper Dressing. Our dressings really do make the perfect marinade.


Mint and Balsamic Dressing or dressing of your choice




Slice the courgettes lengthways into about 7mm strips.

Using a pastry brush coat your courgettes on one side with your desired dressing.

Allow the dressing to absorb for about 5 mins then turn over the strips and repeat on the other side.

Heat a griddle pan on your hob and when the pan is hot lay the strips of courgette in ensuring they don't overlap. Cook through for a few mins then turn.

Once cooked through turn out onto a plate and serve immediately.

Suitable for vegetarians.