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Nutritional facts


The seeds to make Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil are cold pressed. That means that we simply squeeze them to make the good stuff that goes into our products. There’s a reason why we don’t use any other way to extract the oil, and that’s to retain the nutritional benefits of the rapeseed.


Unlike some other vegetable oil producers who may use heat or chemical methods to get the very last drop of oil from the seed, we just do a bit of gentle squeezing! And we only do it once.


Our oil contains only half the saturated fat of olive oil and has the lowest saturated fat of any oil. Cold pressed rapeseed oil is mainly made up of monosaturated fats. These fats promote healthy cholesterol levels, and we should be looking for these, rather than those saturated fats and trans fats. These can cause all kinds of health issues, including raising blood pressure, cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart attacks. Our oil contains less than 1% of these trans fats.


With 11 times the Omega 3 of olive oil. Omega oils are what are known as the healthy oils. Rapeseed oil is a great source of Omegas 3, 6 & 9, in the right combination to work together as your body needs them.


It’s also rich in Vitamin E which can help protect our DNA and promote a healthy immune system. And as it’s grown in the UK it’s GM Free.  Our oil is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.


Heating any oil past its smoke point gives our food a burnt flavour and smell. This is a substance called acrolein. It releases harmful free radicals which can damage cells. Our cold pressed rapeseed can be heated to around 220oC which is much higher than extra virgin olive oil. Thus making it the perfect culinary oil for every kitchen! Dip, drizzle, bake, roast, fry – it’s up to you.

Adam Palmer

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