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Port, Mint & Balsamic Pulled Lamb with Feta


Using our bestselling Mint & Balsamic Dressing, this simple dish is perfect served in a crusty bread roll with a crisp salad, or served as part of your Sunday Roast. If you have time marinade this dish overnight in the fridge before cooking to make the most of the flavours, but don't worry it is not essential - our Yorkshire Salad Dressings are packed full of flavour.

Serves 8


½ leg of British lamb (our one was 1.3kg)

120ml Mint & Balsamic Dressing

60ml port, or if you prefer a good red wine

4 garlic cloves

A good pinch of salt and twist of black pepper

200g Feta cheese



First create the marinade by mixing the port and Mint & Balsamic Dressing. Chop the garlic and add to the mix. Finally add a good pinch of salt and a twist of black pepper. Place the lamb in a lidded casserole dish or slow cooker. Cover with the marinade and rub in so all the meat has a good coating. Place the lid on the dish and refrigerate overnight if possible.

When you are ready to cook your lamb heat your oven to 130C.

Remove the lamb from the fridge and crumble over around 120g of the crumbled feta. Rub onto the lamb along with any marinade that has collected in the bottom of the dish.

Place the lid securely onto the casserole dish and slow cook in the oven for 5-6 hours.

When you are ready to serve the lamb, remove from the oven. Pull out any bones (these should come away easily). Then use two forks to shred the lamb making sure all the marinade and juices are mixed into the pulled lamb. Crumble over the remaining feta to serve.

We love to serve this either in crusty bread rolls, with crisp salad. Alternatively it works beautifully served as part of a Sunday roast!