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Top Baking Recipes with Rapeseed Oil

When we’re out on the road we get asked a lot about baking with rapeseed oil, so we thought we would put together a mini-blog to answer our most asked questions about baking with oil, and your Top 3 baking recipes, as searched for on our website. You may be surprised by one of them!

Can I use oil instead of butter for baking?

The answer is firm yes. Rapeseed Oil can simply replace butter in many a baking recipe. For tried and tested recipes pop over to our Bread, Cakes and Baking page for guaranteed results.

Why bake with oil instead of butter?

This answer is a simple one, baking with Rapeseed Oil is much quicker – they can be ready in the time it takes to pre-heat your oven! With no laborious creaming of butter and sugar, they usually involves a one bowl method, so less dish washing too! We always find our bakes benefit from being moist and light in texture, and they tend to have a longer life than those made with butter. It’s a win-win!

It can also make your bakes dairy-free, for anyone looking for a dairy-free cake alternative.

Why choose rapeseed oil when baking?

If we haven’t already converted you, there’s a raft of reasons to use rapeseed oil in your bakes. Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil is vegan friendly, so everyone can enjoy a sweet treat. It’s mild and delicate flavour will not overpower other flavours, and it makes for the healthy option, with cold pressed rapeseed oil having the lowest saturated fat of any oil or butter, making it the good choice.

Now for our Top 3 Summer baking recipes...

We looked at what you’ve all been searching for this Summer, and there certainly was a clear top 3! The changing weather has clearly inspired you all in the kitchen, as it has with us too. So here goes, your top 3 summer bakes, as searched for by you!

Your number one is our Best Ever Crumble Topping! We were surprised this was a summer choice for you, but looking back over August, we’re not surprised you’re hunkering down early with a crumble! With seasonal fruit varieties coming into play it also makes this an easy option – think, damsons, plums, blackberry and apple, the list goes on…

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Best Ever Crumble Topping

Our Peach & Blueberry Sponge Pudding came in at a close second – using the best of seasonal fruit, you can adapt this pudding to suit what’s in the fruit bowl. Hot or cold – it’s the perfect choice for a good old British summer, whatever the weather!

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Peach and Blueberry sponge pudding

Number three this summer is our Fruited Scones recipe. Our recipe takes minutes to produce the lightest, fluffiest scones, good enough to grace any afternoon tea. Just add cream and jam, or is it jam and cream…

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Fruited Scones