Welcome to Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, home of Award Winning Oils, Dressings and Mayonnaise made from our finest cold pressed Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil - all produced using seed grown and cold pressed here on the chalky soil of the Yorkshire Wolds. With only half the saturated fat of olive oil, a high burn point and a gentle nutty flavour Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil provides you with healthy, versatile oil ideal for all your culinary needs. 

We've had some warm, sunny days and the blossom has come out which can only mean one thing; Spring is definitely here (at last!). This makes us happy and happy people work well! We're beavering away making sure we have enough delicious oils, dressings and mayonnaise to keep us all busy at the markets and food fairs this year. Keep up to date with our market and festival whereabouts on our events page. If you are familiar with our products and wish to find out where to buy some more then take a look at our stockist page, or even buy online! Also now available is our recipe book ‘Cooking with Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil’ great for a little inspiration at meal times!

If you are looking for a special treat for friends and family then why not have a look at our Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil hampers and gift boxes, perfect for foodie lovers, choose from one of our best selling selections or even build your own, a perfect Birthday or special occasion treat!

We hope you enjoy taking a look around our site and learning a little more about the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil story. If you come across us at an event then do not hesitate to come and say hello and have a dip at the tasting bar!
Hovingham - 7th May
Stokesley - 7th May
Malton - 14th May
Oakwood - 21st May
York - 27th May
Darlington Food Festival - 14th & 15th May
Malton Food Lovers Festival - 28th & 29th May
Sheffield Food Festival - 28th & 29th May

The birds and the bees..


Well, I'm just discussing the bees actually.....the birds can wait for a while. I thought it'd be nice to talk about all things buzzy (and I really, really like bees and honey).

So we're all heaving a sigh of relief that winter is creeping away and warmer weather should be just around the corner - Ok, ok, some of us are heaving sighs; others are gearing up fo...

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