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Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe


Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe


This blog is all about Spring foraging, and how to find and use wild garlic to use in this easy and full of flavour recipe.

It’s the time of year to get out and about and get foraging those wild greens. We have such an affection for it because it’s the gathering of wild food for free, but more than that it connects us with nature and affords us the time to slow down and fully take in the environment and our surroundings. With nettles, chickweed, wood sorrel and dandelions offering their wares we’re spoilt, but our favourite at this time of year has to be Wild Garlic (or to give it its fancy title Allium Ursinum). Also known as Bear’s Garlic, Devil’s Garlic, Gypsy Onions, or our favourite Stinking Jenny!

It should be in leaf everywhere now and the bright green leaves are plentiful, but not to be confused with lily of the valley (test by the garlic odour). The distinctive flowers haven’t quite emerged, but May should bring that cover of delicate and starry white flowers. Though this does usually mean that it could be past its best when they do appear! But do pop a flower or two into a Spring salad for a gentle flourish of flavour.

It’s not hard to find – look for ancient woodland canopies smelling strongly of garlic (look out for bluebells too – they are a tell-tale sign). Cut, rather than pull, a few handfuls of the leaves and get handy in the kitchen. It’s delicate in taste, similar to chives and sits perfectly when lightly cooked in scrambled eggs, savoury scones or risottos. It can also be eaten raw and we’ve done just that with this perfect pesto recipe. It makes a generous family portion and takes about 5 minutes to make so couldn’t be easier!

Wild Garlic Pesto

150ml Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil – natural

1 large bunch of wild garlic washed thoroughly (about 100g)

1 small bunch of flat leaf parsley, washed

50g pine nuts, toasted

50g Parmesan cheese

Squirt of lemon juice


Put all the ingredients in a food processor (except for our cold pressed, extra virgin oil) and blitz up for a couple of minutes. Then slowly pour in the rapeseed oil until fully blended and job done!

Top tips

Try our flavoured deli oils instead of the natural oil to give an added kick of flavour.

It lasts about a week in the fridge but you can freeze it. We freeze it in freezer trays for handy portion sizes!