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An Update


A lot has happened since bens last blog, so where do I start?

Well, Adam and Zoe have just completed a mammoth 10 days at York Food
Festival. Witnessing most weather conditions the general public had
chance to ‘have a dip’ and taste all our new products as well as hear
Adam talk the talk at a few of the cooking demonstrations. I also want
to thank the attendees (you know who you are) of our small but
perfectly formed tasting workshop at Meltons Too

Recent market goers may have noticed that Ben's home leave had
finished and he has gone back to work on his ship, somewhere in the
world, I'm not sure which part he is in right now, so I’m afraid it
will be December before you see his smiling face again! However to
make up for the lack of Ben's cheery grin we have been pleased to
introduce our new helpers Debbie and Mike, along with our now 9 week
old son Charlie. Charlie made his debut at the York Food Festival and
has been a welcome addition to our delivery days!

So on the farm... I’m afraid to say Harvest has distracted us
somewhat, but luckily Adam and the team managed to get everything in
before the weather turned, and we are now concentrating on getting
next year crops in the ground. Next year's crop of oil-seed rape has
already been sewn, so fingers crossed for that one. Soon it will be
time to think about bringing the Sheep in for winter, which will mean
more early mornings for Adam to feed the stock.

In the oil shed, Debbie and I have been playing around with new ideas
for more products, having met some interesting producers at YFF we
came home laden with ingredients, ready to get creating. As for
creative I have been busy making Christmas gift packs and hampers.
With free packing we will wrap any combination of our oils and
dressings for you to give, ideal for Christmas, birthdays or maybe
even to take to a dinner party. Just email us your order and we will
get it wrapped.

So until my next blog…