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Its Been Too Long!


Well It has been a while since we posted a blog on the site and as I have never yet posted one I thought that it was about time for me to take up the mantle and write one.

I cannot believe as I am sitting here writing that we are once more coming to the end of June and the 2011 Speciality food show, when I think back to where we were as a business last year before we attended our first speciality show and where we are now I am truly amazed by what we have achieved.

This time last year we were just heading out to introduce to the world our range of dressings and deli oils for the very first time. I am pleased to report that 1 year on and the world (well at least Yorkshire) seems to like what we have made.

This year we are heading to the show with 2 new dressings and 2 new mayonnaises. We are launching a Smoked Chilli Dressing featuring ‘The Chilli Jam Man’ and a Fennel Seed Dressing as well as a Classic Mayonnaise and a Garlic Mayonnaise. These will all be rolled out into our stockists over the next few months and you will of course be able to come and try all of them on our market stalls.

Back on the farm we are nearly finished the sheep shearing season, (only 400 left to go) and are in preparation for harvest, which should start for us at the beginning of August. The rapeseed all looks well despite the pigeons best efforts, and although the dry spring weather will mean that potential yields will be down it is not going to be as bad as initially thought.

Dad (Ben) has just returned from his 3 monthly travels just in time for the busy season, I am sure that regular market goers will see him out and about soon.

We have also a busy summer of shows planned this year, we will be at Leeds Food festival on the 1st,2nd and 3rd of July, Yorkshire Show on the 12th 13th and 14th of July Driffield Show on the under the 20th of July and Ryedale on the 26th. We will be easy to spot as we will be there as part of the Deliciously Yorkshire areas in their branded marquees.

Anyway I am sure that that is about enough from me I hope I haven’t bored anyone too much with my first blog I will try and blog again soon. I will also badger Dad to get one put up as I am sure he has many tales to tell from his recent trip.

Hope to see you somewhere soon.