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A Tasty Month


Well November saw a very busy month for all of us here at Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, whizzing around the country for Farmers markets and Christmas tasting's.

Adam and I had a lovely weekend at the Farmers Cart Christmas Food Festival, following a very welcoming day at the Balloon Tree in Gate Hemsley. Some of you may also have seen Siobhan at Manor Farm, Cranswick or maybe tasted some of our cooking at Farmer Copley’s in Pontefract last weekend…. so that combined with our five monthly farmers markets, we have been quite busy!

We had taken on some new markets, infact I should be stood out at one right now, but due to the current weather conditions both our markets this weekend have been cancelled. I have to say that I am selfishly quite glad that I am in the warm getting to type this instead. Currently we cannot get off the farm in anything other than our pickup, only a few days ago our only mode of transport was a tractor! It feels so dramatic, but quite good fun, as long as you don’t need to go anywhere you can enjoy it! However with over 1 ½ foot of snow, feeding stock, and delivering orders becomes near on impossible.

Today also marks the return of Ben. I personally am quite glad, it gives a few of us a break from the cold markets – Ben is always so keen to attend them all when he is back home, and considering the current climate none of us will argue with him!

Anyway, best put another log on the fire…. Hopefully we will get to catch up with you at one of the pre Christmas Markets, and remember we won’t be at Knaresborough or Harrogate in January so make sure you bring your bottles for a refill this month.

Keep Warm!