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Sunshine and Snowdrops


Can it be, the sun is shining and I have just been out and not panicked when I realised my coat was at home! Could Spring nearly be upon us?

It is a positive time of year for me here, days are getting a little longer, birds are singing and lambs will soon be bouncing in our paddock, snowdrops are in full bloom, and the daffs will soon be open (although always later than everywhere else, up here on the hill). Charlie, now 3, loves the fact that he can play outside again! Life feels full of Spring cleaning and show planning for the summer. I have only just seen via our facebook feed that The Great Yorkshire Show tickets are now up for sale, July will soon be upon us.

It has been busy busy here on the farm. Rob our shepherd is starting to prepare the sheds for lambs; we are due to start lambing in just a few weeks. The YRO team have been busy tidying, sorting and planning for the year ahead. Adam and I have been working on a host of new products, working towards their launch in the summer – friends and family have proved great taste testers! Last weekend we had our first show of the year - Wakefield Rhubarb Festival, we were delighted to see many familiar and new faces coming to taste and buy from us on the stand. It is always so delightful to see people come back year on year to purchase their favourite products from us and our other fellow Yorkshire producers, especially at this time of year when it is only the beginning of the season.

We have so much fun at the shows we attend; the producers almost become family after a while. The best example of this to me is at Leyburn (The Dales Festival of Food and Drink) in May. A few of us always camp at a nearby campsite, I bring the kids along. Days are spent busy at the Festival and the evenings are spent discussing new product ideas and trading recipes, whilst enjoying some produce purchased that day on the bbq and of course a couple of beers along the way!!!

Zoe has also been busy in London, we have 4 markets every month starting in March (dates below). However I know she is currently working on her blog to tell you all about it! So I will finish with an amazing photo Zoe has styled, Apple and Almond Cake, recipe also below!


Almond and Apple Cake


140g Golden Caster Sugar

100g Ground Almonds

150g Self Raising Flour

½ tsp Vanilla Essence

½ tsp Almond Essence

3 Eggs

180ml Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

80ml Milk

2 Small Eating Apples (I like Brayburn)

A handful of Toasted Flaked Almonds Icing Sugar for dusting



Pre heat your oven to 180C.

Sift the flour into a mixing bowl and stir through the sugar and almonds. Add the rapeseed oil, milk, vanilla and almond essence and eggs and stir through until you have a smooth batter. Peel and core the apples and cut into chunks, add to the batter and stir through. Turn the mixture out into a 20cm greased and lined cake tin and cook in the middle of the oven for about 45 mins or until cooked through. Allow to cool and turn out, decorate with a dusting of icing sugar and flaked almonds and enjoy with a cup of tea!


Bermondsey Square – 4th Saturday of the Month

Alexandra Palace – 3rd Sunday of the Month

Haringey – 1st Sunday of the Month

Spitalfields - 2nd Saturday of the Month