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Wow, that was summer then?


Today, I am sat in the office, sorting out the piles of paperwork that have grown after the last few months. Yesterday saw the end of quite a crazy time of year for us, well maybe not end but certainly an opportunity to draw breath.

I think if I can remember, it all started at the Great Yorkshire Show. We had made a decision this year to really focus on spreading the word of oil through the regions country shows and food events. Some independent, and some wonderfully supported by the Deliciously Yorkshire team.

So we packed the van for our first main event of the summer. Adam, in a moment of genius bought an old caravan, which was to be our home for the event. I say our, as I mean myself, Adam, one of our team Lucy and our little boy Charlie who was barely one at the time. It was cosy to say the least! Despite our cramped conditions we had a whale of a time. I think we really underestimated how busy it would be and the show gave us an amazing opportunity to meet customers and producers new and old. It left us with a real buzz.

The months following the Yorkshire show have seen us at many one day events, Ryedale and Driffield to name a few. They have all proved to be great fun and have been a brilliant platform to launch our 4 new products (two new dressings and 2 brand new mayo’s.) For those of you who haven’t seen them they will be showcased on the website very soon.

Throughout all of this we were beginning to become wrapped up in harvest on the farm. The persistent wet weather made things increasingly difficult, meaning Adam was often unable to plan his days to include oil. However we slowly managed to gather in all the crops, and Adam began to make his way through the many fields of bailing that needed to be done. It was only a fortnight ago that job was completed leaving Adam free to prep for our next big show York Food Festival.

The York Food Festival is very close to our hearts as it really is our local event. It is an opportunity to meet so many interesting people with wonderful foodie stories. It is a 10 day event, and it completed yesterday. We had an overwhelming response to our brand new product; Jamonnaise (I will be telling you all about this soon!) and the Food Festival itself seemed to attract a record-breaking amount of people. The weather was lovely – a great improvement to last year, and it just had that wonderful warm vibe York always seems to have.

So back to life. No combines, bailers, van packing or oils. Just a lot of paperwork and quite a tired yet very happy family.