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1st Stokesley Market


Last summer my wife and I spent a nice relaxing weekend away with friends in the Stokesley area and whilst wending our way home we happened upon Stokesley Farmers Market. At this point I have to say, in my defence, that this was purely accidental and not contrived, contrary to what family and friends seem to think! It would appear that every time we have a night away we always manage to find a farmers market!

It’s nice to visit other markets to get a feel of how things are run, so we stopped off and had a walk round. There were a lot of familiar faces on the stalls, all of whom spoke very highly of the market and its organisation. There was a large variety of produce and in the town hall were stalls with local crafts. I would certainly recommend a visit; we spent a lovely two hours wandering around looking at everything.

My enthusiasm must has showed when discussing the possibility of taking a stall, as it was agreed we should go ahead and make inquiries. A stall became available, starting in March, so we jumped at the opportunity. Our first day was cold and crisp but the skies remained blue throughout, this must be a good omen. The market was as advised, well supported by the locals and it was great to see such a good turn out, especially with the cold weather. We look forward to returning next month! Our thanks to Nigel (market manager) for making us very welcome.

Our route to Stokesley takes us through Helmsley where the scenery is superb. The road is peppered with village pubs which look very inviting. I shall look forward to visiting them in the summer months and enjoying something to eat on the way home.

Our next market is the first Saturday of April, come along and try the oils or even just to have a chat.