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Spring is Coming


Well at last, the sun came out! I’m not sure how long it is here for but isn't it lovely when it is here. It certainly made York's March Farmers Market so lovely; you can really see the mood of both the public and stallholder’s change. It feels like we have had many months of getting up in the dark, putting on many, many layers and heading out to stand in the bitter cold. Spring is on its way!

Things are really starting to busy up on the farm now too. We had some lambs born in early March with many more to follow from next week onwards. Some people may have missed Adam at some of our winter markets. This is generally due to him having to stay back and feed our ewes and lamb sheep. I can assure you though he will be showing his face again too! As for the oil, all systems go as ever. We are now both 'Tweeting' (you can follow us on twitter as YorkshireOil) and have only today launched our facebook page; there really is no escaping us now!

The website is slowly having its face lift finished, we are still very keen to hear your points of view and recipes. I have also been bubbling away in the kitchen to work on some new products for Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, so keep your eyes peeled for those. So for now back to work, and fingers crossed about the sunshine! Jennie