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Let It Snow


Well we have finally been engulfed in winter in this last week and on the whole it makes a very welcome change from the slightly warm damp foggy air that we have become accustomed to recently up on the Wolds.

Where we live in Thixendale is particularly pretty when the snow falls and the natural geography really lends its self to having fun in it. Our 18 month old son Charlie who constantly wants to be outside has discovered the fun that can be had in winter.

Unfortunately even though it is pretty the snow also can cause a few problems in day to day life on the farm. We are in a relatively remote area and live near many hills so getting about can be an issue. It took me an hour to drive 2 miles to drop Charlie off at the child minders on Monday. Granted I was trying to drive up a reasonably steep snow covered hill in a 2 wheel drive car (I should have known better).

The cold weather also causes problems with stock as quite often in the mornings many of the water pipes on the farm can be frozen up and it is quite a laborious task to un freeze them all to make sure all the stock can have a drink. We have also had a problem with a water pipe bursting in the oil shed at the beginning of this week which was another unwelcome surprise.

Saying all this though it is all worthwhile when you get days like Sunday. I spent the majority of the day   setting new electric fences for a batch of ewes and it was fantastic. Below are some pictures of us moving them on Sunday afternoon

All in all with snow on the ground you will never know what you will have to be doing next which at times can be frustration but on the whole is generally quite exciting.

Next times blog will be a first from our sales rep Lucy who many of you will have met at different times. She is a bit nervous about writing one so if everybody can receive her with open arms that would be great.

Until next time.