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Its a Sell Out


Well is been a busy couple of weeks…or do I always start like that! The end of June saw the launch of our new Deli Oil and Salad Dressing ranges. Firstly to trade at the Speciality Food Show at Harrogate show ground, and then to the public at Junes York Farmers market. We are delighted to report that we had an amazing response, both from the trade and the public, selling out of our Mint Balsamic Dressing by lunch time on the Friday (except of course the sample bottle Adam had hidden away and has just dolloped on his new potatoes!)

So what’s it all about? Well our Deli Oils are flavoured by mixing our Rapeseed Oil with a little essential oil. Bottled in 250ml bottles they are ideal for kitchen experimentation or make a fab gift. The flavours available are Garlic (as used on Bens previous blog recipe), Basil, Chilli (a hot one!) and Ginger.

Then there are the dressings, Mint Balsamic (my favourite) great with new potatoes or lamb, Dijon and Black pepper (the second to sell out that day) great on a bbq steak, Sweet Cranberry, and finally a Honey and Mustard.

I’m especially proud of these 4 new products, the recipes for which have been on the go since before Christmas, being tasted by all to step through our doors. Fellow York market attendees Bracken Hill make the Mustards and Cranberry Sauce used and Braythorne Honey supplies the Yorkshire Honey, as seen at the Harrogate Farmers market.

So why not come along to our next market and have a try of one of our 12 sample products! And yes all is good when the sun shines!!