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Homeward Bound Again


As my tour of duty comes to a close I look forward to seeing and interacting with everyone again shortly and being able to enjoy the long summer evenings.

This time away has been rather uneventful, I started off with an idea, one that I thought was quite reasonable at the time but as events unfolded they colluded to thwart any chance of this happening. I had intended to take a bottle of our oil and have it photographed in various places we visited around the world.  This didn’t seem to be such a far flung idea as during my time with this ship over the past two years we have visited a number of far flung places from Korea and Singapore in the east to Talcahuano Bay Chile and Montevideo in the west not to mention the numerous European and Mediterranean ports. So the plan seemed reasonable…. or so you would think!  However after joining in Rotterdam we proceeded to West Africa where we have traded between Nigeria and the Ivory Coast for the past three months. To make matters worse the loading and discharges of cargo have been carried out into and from offshore buoys many miles from land. So plan thwarted as one piece of ocean looks pretty much the same as any other!

Having consumed a bottle of garlic oil (especially enjoyed by my Croatian colleagues) and a bottle of natural oil at table, I have handed the other bottle of natural oil, intended for photography, to the chief cook Ruben.  I am sure the oil will be put to good use as Ruben has come to us from the galleys of Princess Cruises and Cunard, his last tour with Cunard being on the Queen Mary II where he commanded one galley section. He has swapped the hectic life style of cruising for the more sedate pace here onboard.  Definitely our gain!

So to finish I have included a picture of Ruben with a bottle of oil. The picture being taken 90 miles north of the equator and 60 miles east of the Greenwich meridian, no land marks unfortunately so you only have my word for that!