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Home and Away


Many years ago I read a quote by Samuel Johnson (I think it was from him!) which went something like this “Being at sea is a kin to being in jail except for the fear of drowning”. As some of you know when I am missing from the markets I can be found at sea doing my day job!

A career at sea nowadays, does tend to feel like being in prison at times. The ships are very large, the ports are built far away from towns and cities thereby precluding any chance of getting ashore. The turn around in port is about 24 hours, in our case, so the old adage of having a girl in every port no longer exists!. Do not take this the wrong way, I am certainly not complaining, life at sea is busy but we are connected to the outside world by satellite, so internet and television are available. The endless days of sunshine and warm climates also help!

In our small isolated world there is one thing that keeps moral high and that is the quality of the food. If you have good well prepared food with plenty of variety you will always have people with smiles on there faces. Having bad food is some place you don’t really want to be. Believe me!

This is why it is important to have a good galley (sea going term for kitchen) team and I am very lucky to have the best this trip. The guys pictured below, Sam, John, Cornelio and Ricky (brazenly advertising our product I might add!) supply three meals a day for 30 people, seven days a week for six months plus without a day off. They have to satisfy the needs of five nationalities, with a diversity of dietary requirements that leave me in awe to their talents.

We normally store in the United Arab Emirates but as you might expect we can’t get Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil there….. Yet!! So when our orders were issued to take a cargo to Milford Haven, I could not let the opportunity pass. A quick message to “the lovely Matthew” (as identified in the Facebook post of 14-Mar) and the consignment was on it’s way.

Enjoying the taste of the oils and mayonnaise after a few months really is wonderful and judging by the rate of consumption, my fellow shipmates are also enjoying it! The cook has been instructed on how to use it in the galley so I am looking forward to results.

George Moore famously said “A person travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”

How True!