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Happy Harvest


Happy Harvest


It’s Autumn and traditionally a time to celebrate harvest. A time when an abundance of crops have been gathered in for another year. And a time to give thanks for a good harvest. Here at North Breckenholme it certainly has been a good one, and one in which we fortuitously finished much earlier than we have in previous years which has been so welcome. We can put this down to the good weather over the summer and good timings.

But harvest isn’t just about those couple of months with long hours being toiled and the constant hum of farm machines in the fields, it’s down to the culmination of a year’s planning and hard work by the team on the farm.

The planning ahead and the preparation of the following season’s crops are imperative. We are at the moment ploughing and preparing seedbeds, ready for planting with rapeseed, wheat and barley. In early summer next year some 150 tonnes of grass silage will be harvested to feed our livestock through the winter months. The circle will continue.

And what keeps the team going? It’s the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of their labour - our products being enjoyed by every person who buys a bottle or a jar. We love being part of every step of the journey from field to fork.

We hope you continue to enjoy the fruits of our labour this harvest and beyond.