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A Different Point of View


Jason at Harvest

Here at Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil I feel I’m quite fortunate to work on pretty much all of the different aspects of the business at Breckenholm Farm.

One day I might be making mayonnaise with Matthew and Ben, the next might be on a market with Lucy and the following that I could be rounding up sheep or moving pigs with Rob and Alec or sat at the computer with Adam in the office.

I especially enjoy the markets and shows as they are a great opportunity to meet the public, and get feedback on the great range of product we have.

Everyone (including the team) has their favourites, and it nice to hear how people  use the different oils, dressings and Mayo’s in their cooking and baking, and each member of the YRO team has a different recipe up their sleeve for the products they love.

Variety is the spice of life and all that, and it does keep it interesting! We are currently in the throes of harvest; here on the farm near Thixendale we are quite high up, so harvest is usually a little later than average in this part of the county, I’m taking my turn driving the tractor and baler this season,( collecting straw or grass and producing a tight bale to keep the produce stored safely until its required). It’s a fantastic way to see the wonderful landscape we have and get out into the sunshine.

As the harvest goes on, the crops are being gathered and stored, corn in the sheds, rapeseed safely  in the storage bins for the year ahead, and straw and silage to keep the sheep and pigs happy through the year.

As soon as this mad rush finishes the cycle begins again, with our patchwork landscape changing colour, back to the calmer  earthy tones, away from the bright vibrant yellows and green in preparation for next year’s crops going intrepidly into the ground,  with harvest and hopefully another fruitful year  to look forward to again. 

Right, Enough daydreaming from me, I better get on (and check if there’s any leftover cake in the fridge!), I might see you at our next market stall, or possibly even blathered up with muck, loading pigs for the butchers!

Cheers, Jason. 

Jason at Harvest