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Charity 2020 - They want your vote!


Charity 2020 - They want your vote!


For the past few years we have taken on a series of fun and different fundraising ideas on behalf of a chosen local charity, and most recently in 2019 we raised valuable funds for the wonderful Nice2BNice, a Hull based Charity working as part of the Life for a Kid Foundation. This amazing charity to date has helped hundreds of children in need and their families and continues to do amazing work, including therapy work with Lewis the Therapy Dog providing comfort and support on the children's ward at Hull Royal Infirmary. Our fundraising efforts included a summer Beer Festival on our farm, and a money can't buy competition on a foodie tour around Yorkshire. We also launched a Limited Edition Yorkshire Blue Cheese Dressing, collaborating with Shepherd's Purse Artisan Cheeses, and gifted a percentage of the proceeds. What a year! It's been a pleasure to help this deserving local charity put some smiles on some faces.

This year is no different and we intend to do the very same, and again we need your help! We put out a shout out on social media for you to nominate a Yorkshire charity close to your heart, and boy did you deliver! We were overwhelmed with the response with over 900 people getting invovled. We were inundated with a huge number of very worthy suggestions and it took us some time to get to our shortlist of just three!

We’ve now taken some time to look and relook at each and every nomination. Each one a worthy and deserving cause based in Yorkshire and we’ve now found our shortlist. The next step is to hand it back to you. We need you to get in touch via Facebook before the end of Valentine's Day and let us know which of the three charities you’d like us to support in 2020. Here’s some information on how they help and support the people of Yorkshire.

DOWNRIGHT SPECIAL is a charity supporting children with Down syndrome in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.  We assist and support families and professionals in all aspects of the care and education of children with the condition.

Originally started in 2007 by a group of parents, we set out to provide support to each other and any other parents who had children with Down syndrome. This quickly developed into an organised group giving emotional, practical and educational support to families.  Downright Special has been a registered charity since 2009 and is run by a small team of professionally trained volunteers and staff.

We offer a range of services for children from birth and onwards throughout their school years.  We do this through:

  • Visits to new parents or parents with an antenatal diagnosis
  • A weekly fun and education session providing education, fun and play as well as support to parents and carers
  • A sensory and signing group for babies
  • Social events for the whole family
  • Lending useful resources to parents
  • Sharing best practice teaching techniques with teaching assistants
  • Specialist resource packs for children starting school
  • Conferences and training for parents and professionals
  • Working closely with local health and education services to improve the care pathway and educational outcomes for our children
  • Promoting the awareness of Down syndrome and encouraging successful inclusion

Everything we do is based on years of research by experts and we are led and supported by parents who have children with Down syndrome and therefore, the needs of children and families are central.

Our aim is simple: to build a brighter future for children with Down syndrome, supporting them to achieve their full potential and promoting successful inclusion in all aspects of life.
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YORKSHIRE CHILDREN'S TRUST was founded back in 2011 when two sets of parents met at hospital when their daughters were receiving treatment for cancer. The Widdop family lived out of the area and fell through the funding gap when their daughter, Leigh-Anne needed a wheelchair and had to fund it themselves. After further investigations, it was found that this was an ongoing problem, not just for cancer patients, but for children with all sorts of illnesses and disabilities.

Yorkshire Children's Trust was founded to provide support and assistance to the families at times when no other support options were available and today, the charity concentrates mainly on supporting the emotional needs of the children and their families with free family holidays at the charity's holiday home on the east coast of Yorkshire, providing counselling and play therapies, not just to the sick or disabled child, but their siblings and parents too. Finally we are able to help with costs associated with being in hospital long term with a grant to help pay for petrol, parking and food whilst in hospital.

Yorkshire Children's Trust also collect gifts in the run up to Christmas and provide a grotto and present drops to local hospitals, this again helps to support children who are in hospital long term, especially over the festive season which can be particularly difficult for them to cope with. We also repeat this at Easter with chocolate eggs.

Despite provide our invaluable service to the Yorkshire wide community, we do not receive any lottery, NHS or Government funding and rely mainly on the support of local people and businesses such as Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil to provide our services to the community.

Unlike some charities, we have a unique understanding of the needs and requirements with being in the situation with our own family. We are also run by a team of volunteer Trustees and not by directors on 'fat-cat' salaries.

We would welcome the support from Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, this will help us to continue to provide and expand our essential services to more families in the Yorkshire region, after all there is nothing worse than having to say no to a family request for support due to low funding. Thank you for taking the time to read a synopsis of our little charity.
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DEMENTIA FORWARD is here because in North Yorkshire there are thousands of people affected by dementia. We are North Yorkshire's leading support charity for people living with and affected by dementia, providing a lifeline to over 6,000 people, through our local helpline, dementia specialist support team and community wellbeing services.

42% of UK adults say that dementia is the health condition they fear most about getting in the future.

63.5% of people with dementia feel they have had none, or not enough support.

We are striving to make a difference in the face of these startling statistics, and our aspiration is that no-one in North Yorkshire faces dementia alone. Thank you for helping towards our goal. Dementia has no prejudice. It affects everybody.

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