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Celebrations on the farm!


Naked Wedding Cake

It has been a very busy summer at Yorkshire Rapeseed oil and at the farm. We are a family business and this means that big family events impact on all members of the business.

          About a year ago our youngest daughter and Adam’s little sister, who is based in London,  announced that she was getting married and would like the event to take place on the farm. We were all thrilled but this did involve a huge amount of work in preparing the farm for the event. Zoe and Alex themselves have spent many weekends up here preparing every detail including making a terrific table for the naked wedding cake which my Mother in Law, who has just turned 80, made with great aplomb. Zoe is a keen designer so she had a very definite idea of the look to be achieved with vintage tables and chairs and natural flowers from Forage and Blossom in Harrogate.

We decided we would like to do much of the food ourselves using local producers when possible. We began by booking our local butcher, James White to provide a hog roast. Jennie and I then met to decide what we could do between us. As you will all know Jennie is a fabulous cook and after some significant research she decided she would provide the canapés with a little support from me. I made the palmiers from the recipe book which freeze extremely well so were a good option as I could make them ahead. Having tried them out at my mother in law’s 80th birthday some weeks before where they were a big success I was quite confident here! I swapped Parma Ham for Chorizo in some of them which worked well and I used parmesan and strong cheddar in others. Jenny made a fabulous selection of canapés including savoury muffins and tartlets with a delicious onion chutney from Bracken Hill Fine Food.

          For our starters Zoe wanted a Mediterranean platter including olives, hummus, Italian meats and of course our delicious oil to dip the fresh bread. We sourced the meat from one of our market friends, Mario Olianas at Olianas, Gusto Italiano. He did a fabulous platter of Italian meats. Adam had tasted some delicious hummus on one of his food fairs and we contacted Jeremy and Juliet Williams at Dip Nation to order some. Since we ordered rather more than we needed the whole family got to enjoy the hummus the following week too which was highly delicious! Our granddaughter, Ivy was particularly impressed. We looked at the many fabulous local bakers and chose The Side Oven Bakery at Foston to provide the bread. We set the whole thing up on slates which Ben acquired from the builders and after dishwashing he varnished! Never let it be said that we take the easy options!

          Alongside side the meat one of our local caterers, Lisa Anderson at Finer Catering, Driffield supplied some of the salads. I made two salads using our Yorkshire rapeseed Oil products. The first was the Greek style cous cous salad which uses our Mint and Balsamic Dressing and can be found on the website. The second was a mixed bean and lettuce green salad using a dressing made from our lovely Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with Lemon. This used lemon oil, balsamic vinegar, a very small amount of honey and seasoning. I used green beans and baby broad beans as a base with chopped chives and then stirred in the variety of lettuce before serving.

          We made all the deserts ourselves including a fabulous lemon cake that Jennie made using the lemon oil and finished off with a mascarpone filling. We also made apple pies, chocolate and raspberry cheesecakes, profiteroles, summer fruit trifle and tiramisu.

          Later on in the evening we served bread and cheese. We had some delicious Harrogate Blue and Yorkshire Blue from Shepherd's Purse alongside a fabulous selection of Dutch cheeses which were a gift from Ben’s Dutch cousin.

          The wedding was a great success with all the design of the marquis arranged by the bride and groom and supported by their many friends and family. Jennie also happens to be a wedding dress designer as well as a great cook and she made the bride’s dress and my dress too! The family talents were further demonstrated at the wedding when they undertook to become the entertainment too. Our middle son is a musician as well as a graphic designer so led by him they formed a band. Adam took drumming lessons and Alex, the groom, took up the bass guitar which he hasn’t played since youth. They were joined by our 4 year old grandson and Alex’s dad who also plays the guitar to for 'The Golden Oates and the Palmertronics'. It was, I am happy to report, a huge success! I have never seen Adam quite so nervous but they were all a triumph.

          No wedding is complete without the beer. In his speech Adam welcomed everyone tio the first annual Thixendale Beer festival which just happened to include a wedding! The beer was sourced from local breweries including Wold TopYork, Great Newsome, and Bradfield! All brought togetherer with a little help and advice from our local landlords in Thixendale! This was the first time for many of the Londoners and many who came from other countries too to taste our local brews. They seemed to go down rather well!!!

          A few weeks have now passed and I finally finished washing glasses and Ben has got almost everything back in its place. The newly weds have returned from a short mini moon in Copenhagen and Stockholm and are moving into a new flat requiring a lot of work. They currently have no bathroom or kitchen! All the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil team helped to support and make the wedding successful and we hope that everyone enjoyed their favours which were small bottles of our Charlie and Ivy bread dippers. Ben and I remain extremely grateful to have such a great family who can all pull together to create such fun events.