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At this time of year when harvest is upon us and the family are working long hours, this coupled with the difference in time zones (where I am), you have to thank modern technology for applications like Facebook,  Twitter and internet websites.

These electronic mediums allow me to keep upto date with what is going on at home. I know Jennie and Lucy regularly contribute in order to keep the online thread going and thus keep people informed.  Me being one! The photos that are posted are worth a thousand words (as they say), especially when it’s a picture of me stuffing a cream cake in my mouth! Lucy has a penchant for having a camera in her hands at the most opportune (or should I say inopportune!!) moments. 

I can’t help but notice from my distant location, the ever spreading influence of the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil Brand. This is always heart warming news as the good people of Yorkshire and the UK, lest I forget all of you who support us at the shows we do around the country, favour us with their custom.  Thank you. The YRS tentacles are also spreading further afield, only in my small world however.  It would be easy to say the product is known in Japan or China when the bottle onboard is noted by one of my officers as being used by his family at home.  It is very nice to have the product recognised and supported.

Apart from work, the other main conversation topic at the dinner table in the officer’s dining room is food. Inevitably it leads to discussions about local markets in the officer’s home countries. The inescapable conclusion is that the fresh produce, no matter where you are from, is preferable to other options available. To some it is a ritual to visit the market on a daily basis and collect items fresh from the sea or the land for meals later that day. There is also the added bonus of enjoying the atmosphere and sitting out with a cup of coffee and letting the world go by. It is a time to meet friends and soak up the atmosphere.  In the UK we are seeing a boom in farm shops and delicatessens selling fresh local produce, they also provide some of the nicest cups of coffee around. You only have to read Lucy’s YRS twitter feed to note her favourite stop off places.

As a colleague of mine says, he may have no idea how to cook but he knows how to appreciate good food and the people who produce it.

 Hope to see you all soon