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Busy, busy as summer creeps in..


Yorkshire Mayonnasie


I don’t think any of us can believe that summer will be soon heading our way. The fields are full with golden flowers and all is busy here at YRO HQ as we bottle, blend and press ready for the up and coming shows. The start of the season already feels like a distant memory as we prepare for what promises to be a bright weekend at both Malton Food Festival and Sheffield Food Festival.

Both promise to be great days out and if the sun is shining it is always a perfect opportunity to sample some delicious local street food and usually a glass of whatever takes your fancy!

It is a time of year also that the nation embraces the bbq, in our house it is come rain or shine! Perfect for cracking open some of our Dressings, the Smoked Chilli dressing especially makes a tasty marinade for meat, fish or veg. Not to mention homemade burgers with a drizzle of our Black Pepper and Dijon Dressing in the mix. Then we have our two new additions to our Yorkshire Mayonnaise range – a full flavoured Mustard Mayo and a smooth Smoked Mayo made with our award winning Staal Smokehouse oak smoked oil.

So as we head towards summer come and find us as we put the tasting bar up across the region. Make sure you come and try something new, and have a chat to our team to pick up some ideas for your summer suppers.

Click here for a full list of events.