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Back to Work


The winter days finally appear to be drawing to a close and hopefully we will soon be welcoming the warmer weather. It’s also nice to see the sunrise in the mornings when getting up early for market, rather than the dark winter mornings. This winters markets have been rather pleasant compared to the previous year when the temperature at one York market reached a maximum of -8°c…. I still shudder at the thought of it! My thanks to all of you who braved the weather to come and visit us during this last season.

One of the positive things about the cold weather is that it affords us a little more time to speak to each of our customers rather than rushing from one to the next. It’s nice to hear your views on our products and how you all utilise them. If any of you wish to share your recipes please send them onto us. I was recently advised that fried eggs cooked in basil oil are superb; one of the many great ideas you have for the oil.

As the winter draws to a close, so does my leave. As many of you will know, from discussions over the market stall, I have a day job which involves me spending three months away at a time, sailing on tankers operated by one of the oil majors. This has been something I have done since I was a teenager and I still get a great deal of enjoyment out of the job. It also affords me time rest up for my next leave! I do wonder sometimes whether I should enjoy the sunshine overseas during the winter months rather than standing shivering on a market stall but then I think of our little grandson opening his presents and it makes it all worthwhile.

I am heading off the West Africa to join my ship at the end of the week and will be away until the middle of June after which I will be back on the markets again. I have enjoyed the banter and the chats at the markets each week and look forward to seeing you all in June.

I leave you with a view from the bridge of the ship during my last tour.
All the best