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Filled with the sound of Baaaa


April for me is filled with optimism. The evenings are getting lighter, things are getting a bit greener, and you get the odd shock Sunday at 18 degrees and on the beach in Bridlington. Then it snows.

For me April starts every year with the sound of baaa. No I’m not finally loosing the few marbles I have, it is due to the location of one of our lambing sheds – outside our bedroom window! At the beginning of March Adam and the team brought our 600 breading ewes back from their grazing grasses and the surrounding dale land to be housed in our lambing sheds ready for the season. Lambing is one of our busiest times of years, and it does become a skill for Adam especially to balance keeping the stock and running Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil.

I however keep ticking over as usual. I tend to only be in the office part time, as I have to balance work with our family, but recently the 2 seem to be overlapping quite a lot. Adam an I are working on the re design of our website, and trying to grab some evening hours together to move the project forward we decided to try putting our little boy Charlie to sleep in a makeshift bed in our office. Unfortunately he saw it as more of an adventure, and after 2 long hours we gave up and I retreated back to the house.

One of the main aspects of our new website will be our recipe pages. So Adam and the rest of he family are currently being subjected to trailing my concoctions. A few of them will be making it onto the web pages, a few of them won’t. Remember if you have any recipes that you think needs including email me and we will give them a go.

The last few weeks have been very busy for us. Lucy and I attended the opening evening of Jethro’s a small deli shop attached to The Jefferson Arms in Thorganby. Then I was packed off to Hornsea Freeport to partake in a tasting for Williams Farm Kitchen I had a lovely morning, met some lovely people and managed to get a pitch next to Wold Top Brewery. Not bad all round! The same weekend Adam and Lucy where shipped off to the Midlands for a trade event at the NEC. From what I hear they had a great time, met loads of potential stockists and lots of other foodie fans.

So, back to work. Remember you can find us at York Easter Market in Parliament Street from 12th to the 15th April, and when we finally get the new website up and running keep an eye out for Esther’s Fennel seed Fish Cakes, and my many BBQ ideas!


Until next time