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A day away from the farm with 1,500 children!


A day away from the farm with 1,500 children!


We can’t think of a more important job here than to take some time to increase young people’s knowledge of food, farming, livestock and the countryside, and we feel that we are in the perfect position to be able to do this. So earlier in the year we spent a day at the Driffield Agricultural Society Schools Education Day and we found it just as inspiring as the kids did! Everyone there was 100% behind the event, and you can’t beat a day out to stimulate young minds and let them get hands on!

Adam, Esther (Adam’s mum) and Marcelle went along to the event to share our experience with Key Stage 2 children from North and East Yorkshire. Esther was a primary school teacher until last summer, so we were in safe hands. We arrived early so had time to view the working farm machinery that was on display (very impressive!) and get along to see some of the experts who had also taken the time to come along on the day all with the common theme of education.

We set up with some flowering rapeseed plants (all looking very pretty!), seed pods for the children to open, bottles of our cold pressed oil to display the finished product, and most importantly some tubs of rapeseed oil. We found out on our visit last year that by plunging their hands into the tubs of rapeseed that the children that they go into a trance like state! And boy did it work again! We had lots of requests from teachers to drop some off at schools during SATS week in the future!

The children were fantastic! They listened to every word, made considerate guesses when answering, and asked intelligent questions – mainly around how many seeds were in a tub and could they take one home! They loved the noisy demo of Adam obtaining oil from bashing the seeds between paper and blocks of wood with a hammer, and most wanted that job too! It was interesting to chat with both children who came from a farming background, and those that lived in more urban areas where fields of rapeseed were a mystery to them.

Each school went away with a recipe card, a small amount of our lovely cold pressed rapeseed oil, some seeds and the instructions of how and when to plant. We hope that they all went away and enjoyed some baking and sharing an Apple & Raspberry loaf or two, and that September will see a gardening session, with all the junior school gardens in the region sporting vivid yellow rape flowers next year!